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  • Investor bets


    This article is a good reminder for founders from around the world pitching to investors in the Bay Area. Also worth noting is this list for the main bet the investors makes at each funding round: Pre-seed Bet on the team Seed Bet on the product Series A Bet on the traction Series B Bet…

  • Branding IP basics for your startup or corporate venture [free checklist]

    Branding IP basics for your startup or corporate venture [free checklist]


    Too often I’ve seen founders lost for words when asked by potential investors on ‘whether that trademark is still available?’. Whether you’re a startup or a corporate venture, you will need to have your brand related intellectual property sorted out. For many teams their intellectual property is their most important asset and branding properties are no…

  • 6 Reasons why you need a stellar elevator pitch

    6 Reasons why you need a stellar elevator pitch


    It’s a key activity for any startup founder and most accelerator programs pay a lot of attention to it… Pitching! Before the program starts I’m often asked why pitching is such an important aspect. Here are the 6 reasons why you need a stellar elevator pitch: 1. Forces you to explain your value proposition with great…

  • How to define Startup and Scaleup

    How to define Startup and Scaleup


    Startups and scaleups have become an important force in our economy and more and more people are involved in building, mentoring, servicing and growing them. As more people get involved they often ask me how I define a startup and a scaleup. This post is meant to help you understand what a startup and what a…

  • Series A funding advice


    When two of the VCs I’m following refer to a blogpost at the same time it must be a good read. It’s a post about raising a series A for a fintech startup eShares and it contains some valuable advice generally applicable to the fundraising process as well as a copy of the pitch deck. …

  • Self awareness


    Go all-in on your strengths and don’t bother about your weaknesses. To do that, be self aware.  Gary describes it in a way only he can but he’s got a point: be self aware. 

  • The business model of the cloud age


    Yesterday TNW posted a video of their TNW Conference of 2012 of Phil Libin. Nice talk with an interesting insight on the three business models of the various ages: Industrial age > perceived value decreases over time > transactional revenue model Information age > perceived value remains constant over time > subscription / advertising revenue model…