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  • How big is Bitcoin?


    Big. This is a fun and insightful comparison between Bitcoin as an IPO (since Bitcoin ETFs – Exchange Traded Funds – became available recently) and other tech IPOs. Bitcoin has limited utility value, just imagine what Ethereum as an IPO would look like. That is store of value combined with utility value.

  • China and AI dominance


    The New York Times has a piece on the China’s Rush to Dominate A.I. Comes with a Twist: It Depends on U.S. Technology. It argues that China is at least a year behind on the U.S. and its A.I. Efforts are based on U.S. open source models and chip technology. It misses a key point…

  • Investor bets


    This article is a good reminder for founders from around the world pitching to investors in the Bay Area. Also worth noting is this list for the main bet the investors makes at each funding round: Pre-seed Bet on the team Seed Bet on the product Series A Bet on the traction Series B Bet…