Small print

Thanks for visiting my website. I’m a big fan of an open internet and I respect your privacy as a visitor. In return I expect you to also respect the time and effort I put in maintaining this website and creating its content. So below you find all the small print (in the same type as all the other content that is):


Sometimes I’m stupid, sometimes I have opinions others around me don’t agree upon. That’s why I have this disclaimer. This is my personal website and that is exactly what this is, personal. The content is created by me and in no way are these opinions related to my employer, my family, my friends or others. I don’t provide advice, so don’t take my opinion as advice. Don’t make any business – or worse life – decisions based on what you read here. If you want my advice, give me a call and we can make an appointment as advice is always personal and tailored to a specific situation. This also means this website is copyrighted by me, and please respect that.


The open internet is based on the foundation of mutual respect. As a visitor I expect you to respect my copyright (see below) and I will respect your privacy. I will never ever give away (or even worse, sell) your email address or personal information you send to me or submit to this website by leaving a comment. I use open source software to power this website to prevent others from gathering this information (non open source software might do this without me being aware). I will do the utmost to check that third party software supporting this website does not collect any information. If you believe information is being collected by any of the plug-ins I use, please let me know.


It took a lot of hard labour to get this site up and running and to keep content fresh. Countless hours of research, web surfing and content generation all outside of my day job. That’s one of the reasons why all the content of this website is copyrighted by me. I retain the full copyright of the entire website, period.

That said, I will be looking into other licensing options (such as creative commons), but for now everything is fully copyrighted. So please contact me if you want to use (parts of) it.