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  • Quote – Patience


    “Patience is more than simply learning to wait. It is having learned what is worth your time.” J.M. Storm

  • The Entrepreneurial Perspectives Manifesto

    The Entrepreneurial Perspectives Manifesto


    The last few years I created and contributed to a regional and in-company entrepreneurial ecosystem. This in turn slightly increased the speed of change in our world. I have seen firsthand how technological innovations, societal change and the spread of entrepreneurial methodologies create opportunities for every individual and organisation. Innovation and progress is the result…

  • Sabbatical update week 4

    Sabbatical update week 4


    Finding my rhythm After the struggle to be ‘productive’ during the last two weeks I’ve found my rhythm this week. Small tweaks in my daily routine brought the change I needed which was reinforced by inspiration. “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” – John C. Maxwell I had…

  • Sabbatical update week 3

    Sabbatical update week 3


    The challenge continues In the previous update I already shared with you the challenges that come with having no urgent deadlines or brief shots of adrenaline after every email, phone call or meeting. This week I had even more trouble finding my productivity. A few days passed filled with procrastination while trying out things to…

  • Sabbatical update  week 2

    Sabbatical update week 2


    Smooth sailing in week 1 After extending my contract till the end of August and our (late) summer holiday was over it felt like my sabbatical really started last week. Everyone was back to work, except for me. I had a speaking engagement on Tuesday evening and still had to prepare part of it so…

  • How NOT to start your sabbatical

    How NOT to start your sabbatical


    August 1st marked the first day of my sabbatical. Yes, I am leaving EY and moving on to other adventures. But starting my sabbatical was different than expected. The photo below is not my own, I’m not on leave yet… For two months I’ve been planning to get everything finished before August 1st. I imagined…

  • My (blog’s) elevator pitch

    My (blog’s) elevator pitch


    In an attempt to start blogging more frequently I watched a recording of Michael Hyatt’s webinar “Blog Faster and Blog Smarter“.  Today I’ve started reading a challenge called “31 Days to Build a Better Blog“. The first challenge is to write an elevator pitch for your blog (or actually what I’m all about personally). So…

  • Hidden iOS gestures


    I’ve discovered some really handy time-saving hidden gestures in iOS: Swipe down in mail to minimize the compose window Swipe left or right to delete digits in the calculator Tap and hold the “123” button to type one symbol Tap-tap-swipe for one handed zooming in Google Maps For more from where these came from please visit…

  • How to say ‘no’


    At some point in your career you will have more requests coming your way than you possibly can handle. Having three meetings at the same time at different locations is physically impossible and in such cases I find it relatively easy to say no. At other times it is more difficult. I just listened to…

  • be optimistic


    With small steps and by being optimistic you can pursue happiness, day by day, step by step. For some good inspiration see the below video or this post on the relation between creativity and happiness.