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  • Future Friday: Computational photography


    Since the introduction of digital photography, advancements have mostly been hardware based. Enhancing photos was largely called editing and a separate activity from actually taking the picture with your camera. With the omnipresent camera phone the software aspect of photography has become bigger and bigger. Camera’s have become better at detecting the type of scene…

  • Sabbatical update week 4

    Sabbatical update week 4


    Finding my rhythm After the struggle to be ‘productive’ during the last two weeks I’ve found my rhythm this week. Small tweaks in my daily routine brought the change I needed which was reinforced by inspiration. “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” – John C. Maxwell I had…

  • Spring is bringing it all to life


    New life is popping up all around! Enjoyed a great weekend with a hike in the neighbourhood “Oisterwijkse Bossen en Vennen (in Dutch)”. Tried out my macro lens for the first time.

  • Hong Kong timelapse


    Just stumbled across an awesome timelapse video of Hong Kong on Vimeo. Watching it on the big screen using my new AppleTV really brings back the feeling of living in Hong Kong. A unique video about a unique city. Enjoy!

  • NYC skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge


    The photo below was taken on a recent trip to the United States while walking from Brooklyn towards Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge. I like the contrast of the sky and the skyline, while the typical Brooklyn Bridge cables add some drama to the photo. The photo was edited on my iPad using iPhoto. The…