Choice and happiness


Colours of HappinessI’ve been thinking about happiness a lot lately. Everybody is looking for the ‘secret’ to happiness. There is no secret and there is no single answer. So everyone needs to find it’s own road to happiness.

Choice and happiness

In general we believe that the more choice, the more freedom we have. But choice also has two negative effects. The first is paralysis, it’s difficult to choose at all. The second effect is that we are less satisfied with the result of the choice. Because it is so easy to imagine there is a better choice than the one we made.

But with all the options currently available we raise our expectations. We expect perfection and therefore our expectations will never be exceeded. And therefore the secret to happiness is realistic, modest expectations.

That’s today’s step on the road to continuing happiness.

Want to know more: watch Barry Schwartz TED talk.


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