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  • Jeans made by robots


    Daily I’m working with startups and on technologies that have the potential to automate repetitive tasks of highly skilled and highly educated workers in the western world. While these workers face a significant change in the skills required to perform their jobs and in some cases unemployment, automation potentially has a more severe impact in…

  • How NOT to start your sabbatical

    How NOT to start your sabbatical


    August 1st marked the first day of my sabbatical. Yes, I am leaving EY and moving on to other adventures. But starting my sabbatical was different than expected. The photo below is not my own, I’m not on leave yet… For two months I’ve been planning to get everything finished before August 1st. I imagined…

  • Ridiculously easy test to see if you like your job

    Ridiculously easy test to see if you like your job


    The 1 minute test to see if you love what you’re doing is asking yourself the following question: Would you do it even if you’re not paid for it, if you had to work another job in the evening hours and weekends to make a living? Particularly useful if you need to decide between alternatives…

  • Let the ski season start


    I love watching ski- and snowboard movies. While the ski season is starting in Europe and the slopes become white let’s enjoy this beautiful one:

  • Branding IP basics for your startup or corporate venture [free checklist]

    Branding IP basics for your startup or corporate venture [free checklist]


    Too often I’ve seen founders lost for words when asked by potential investors on ‘whether that trademark is still available?’. Whether you’re a startup or a corporate venture, you will need to have your brand related intellectual property sorted out. For many teams their intellectual property is their most important asset and branding properties are no…

  • Education for the soul


    “Experience does for the soul what education does for the mind.” – Casey Neistat

  • Steve Blank on Lean Startup inside big companies


    Great conversation with Steve Blank on applying lean startup principles inside corporates. Short but insightful if you’re working in the domain of corporate entrepreneurship or innovation. Key insights: Allocation of resources between horizon 1 (60-70%), horizon 2 (10-20), horizon 3 (5-10%) Need company wide training program to support the ‘entrenched middle’: horizon 1 executors who don’t…

  • Entrepreneurship = inspiration

    Entrepreneurship = inspiration


    I can’t sleep. The problem is, I’m inspired. Today is the highlight of the Dutch celebration of entrepreneurship, the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award ceremony. It’s not the company that gets the award it’s the entrepreneur behind the company that is celebrated. And this year’s celebration was different. The highlight of the evening are the…

  • 6 Reasons why you need a stellar elevator pitch

    6 Reasons why you need a stellar elevator pitch


    It’s a key activity for any startup founder and most accelerator programs pay a lot of attention to it… Pitching! Before the program starts I’m often asked why pitching is such an important aspect. Here are the 6 reasons why you need a stellar elevator pitch: 1. Forces you to explain your value proposition with great…