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This site is powered by open source software. As this would not have been made possible without the many hours of designing and coding of many great people on this planet I would like to list all the projects/individuals that contributed to making this site the way it is:

The engine running this site is a WordPress install (always up to date, thanks to their easy upgrading system). The theme is Yoko by Elmastudio with some customizations by yours truly:

  • Changing the header image size: WordPress forum
  • Added the following CSS to the stylesheet for the post-format quote:
/* --- Broos' custom post format quote --- */
.format-quote .entry-content p {
background-color: #F0F0F0;

I’ve used the following plugins:

Other elements worth mentioning:

  • the background pattern is hand crafted by DinPattern


    Sometimes I’m stupid, sometimes I have opinions others around me don’t agree upon. That’s why I have this disclaimer. This is my personal website and that is exactly what this is, personal. The content is created by me and in no way are these opinions related to my employer, my family, my friends or others. I don’t provide advice, so don’t take my opinion as advice. Don’t make any business – or worse life – decisions based on what you read here. If you want my advice, give me a call and we can make an appointment as advice is always personal and tailored to a specific situation. This also means this website is copyrighted by me, and please respect that.