The Entrepreneurial Perspectives Manifesto


Entrepreneurial Perspectives Manifesto HeaderThe last few years I created and contributed to a regional and in-company entrepreneurial ecosystem. This in turn slightly increased the speed of change in our world. I have seen firsthand how technological innovations, societal change and the spread of entrepreneurial methodologies create opportunities for every individual and organisation. Innovation and progress is the result of those who push the limits and exhibit entrepreneurial behaviour. This blog is dedicated to those that do. To you!

The drive to change, to make the world a little bit better is the drive that also powers this blog. This manifesto sets out the believes on which this blog is based, the lens through which it is written.

Belief #1 – There is an entrepreneur in every one of us

You don’t have to work from a garage and eat pizza to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not determined by title or role. Exhibiting entrepreneurial behaviour is key to getting ahead in life and will be a standard requirement for jobs in the future. Your entrepreneurship shows in acts, big and small. Questioning how things can be done better, every day. The courage to share your vision of change and make it come true by the actions you take every day is being an entrepreneur.

Belief #2 – Entrepreneurs are made (and sometimes born, too)

The discussion is irrelevant. Entrepreneurs can be born as well as made. It is a given that everyone with the right mindset, tools and discipline can become more entrepreneurial. The field of entrepreneurship is being heavily researched and it has become a method of management. Through this blog I will contribute to bring that knowledge and experience to you.

Belief #3 – Entrepreneurs are the positive changemakers of our society

Entrepreneurs can be found everywhere: in business, education, politics, healthcare, non-profits, sports… As a group they are the biggest source of progress in our world and even our galaxy. Of course, some ventures don’t contribute to a better society but overall it is very hard to launch an initiative that doesn’t make the world a better place. In entrepreneurship, people, planet and profit go hand-in-hand. We press for progress together!

Belief #4 – It’s in the doing that progress is made

Sure, it starts with a vision. But it is the actions that create the outcome. Entrepreneurs have a positive bias towards action. Big changes start with small acts. Sometimes that is not easy because it exposes you to the world, to your critics (that might be yourself!) so it takes courage. Entrepreneurs are therefore courageous people. Execution is the big differentiator. So remember: done is better than perfect and a healthy dose of hustle, grit and perseverance is required to overcome the inevitable hurdles you will encounter. Keep pushing, never give up but don’t be blind.

Belief #5 – Entrepreneurship is a continuous growth journey

Entrepreneurship comes with great responsibility. It forces you to develop your leadership skills. You set the example and people look towards you for your vision and your guidance. An open mind and being open to feedback are basic required skills to bear this responsibility. Entrepreneurs have a learning mindset, an insatiable hunger to develop themselves personally and grow and learn and grow and learn.

Belief #6 – Entrepreneurship is the foundation to innovation and growth

Organisations can be less or more entrepreneurial, just like individuals. Too often R&D or innovation is seen as the basis for future and continued growth. But this is a mistake. It is an entrepreneurial culture that is the basis for innovation and growth. Give your people the freedom, the tools and the support to be entrepreneurial and your organisation will become more innovative. It all starts with your people.

Belief #7 – Talent is distributed evenly, entrepreneurial opportunity should be too

Talent is distributed evenly in humanity. The ability to develop your talents should be too. We should support those that do not have access to education or knowledge. The contribution made to the democratization of knowledge by the invention of the internet is enormous. Let’s continue to push for that and support the entrepreneurs that do the same with virtual or augmented reality technologies to increase access to skills development.


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