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  • Entrepreneurship = inspiration

    Entrepreneurship = inspiration


    I can’t sleep. The problem is, I’m inspired. Today is the highlight of the Dutch celebration of entrepreneurship, the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award ceremony. It’s not the company that gets the award it’s the entrepreneur behind the company that is celebrated. And this year’s celebration was different. The highlight of the evening are the…

  • How to define Startup and Scaleup

    How to define Startup and Scaleup


    Startups and scaleups have become an important force in our economy and more and more people are involved in building, mentoring, servicing and growing them. As more people get involved they often ask me how I define a startup and a scaleup. This post is meant to help you understand what a startup and what a…

  • Self awareness


    Go all-in on your strengths and don’t bother about your weaknesses. To do that, be self aware.  Gary describes it in a way only he can but he’s got a point: be self aware.