Tag: Business Models

  • The evolution of phone calls


    This weekend I’ve experience the evolution of phone calls… Whatsapp calling. Although I’ve placed numerous VoIP calls (Skype, SIP etc) before, I believe Whatsapp is changing the game dramatically. With over 800 million users as of this month, no additional installs and a feature that just works it’s a matter of time before it will impact…

  • The business model of the cloud age


    Yesterday TNW posted a video of their TNW Conference of 2012 of Phil Libin. Nice talk with an interesting insight on the three business models of the various ages: Industrial age > perceived value decreases over time > transactional revenue model Information age > perceived value remains constant over time > subscription / advertising revenue model…

  • The dead business model of physical bookstores


    The first time I entered a book store after I bought my iPad I realized the current business model of physical book stores is dead. It’s like walking into a museum and realizing you’re witnessing something that won’t be there in a few years time. In a time where tablets and eReaders are becoming a…