800.000km roadtrip

This is an amazing story about a man that has been travelling the world (800.000km!!!) in his Mercedes Benz G wagen. There are some amazing photo’s included in the story and it’s just too big to grasp that you start a 18 month roadtrip in 1989 and never stop 🙂 Gunter Holtorf’s 23 year roadtrip    


NYC skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge

The photo below was taken on a recent trip to the United States while walking from Brooklyn towards Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge. I like the contrast of the sky and the skyline, while the typical Brooklyn Bridge cables add some drama to the photo. The photo was edited on my iPad using iPhoto. The photo was cropped, straightened, [...]


Hello World (2.0)!

Hello world! Welcome to my personal website! Thank you for visiting my (re)launched website. After several versions of my website with mostly personal travel stories my website will now be a mix between photography, travel and business related content. My business related content will focus on the influence of the connected world (social [...]


How to define Startup and Scaleup