Hidden iOS gestures

I’ve discovered some really handy time-saving hidden gestures in iOS: Swipe down in mail to minimize the compose window Swipe left or right to delete digits in the calculator Tap and hold the “123” button to type one symbol Tap-tap-swipe for one handed zooming in Google Maps For more from where these came from please [...]


How to say ‘no’

At some point in your career you will have more requests coming your way than you possibly can handle. Having three meetings at the same time at different locations is physically impossible and in such cases I find it relatively easy to say no. At other times it is more difficult. I just listened to a great podcast on this topic with [...]


Series A funding advice

When two of the VCs I’m following refer to a blogpost at the same time it must be a good read. It’s a post about raising a series A for a fintech startup eShares and it contains some valuable advice generally applicable to the fundraising process as well as a copy of the pitch deck.  The investors who won’t invest will [...]


Change direction

So well said…. Our culture places a huge premium on choosing the right answer, as if we’re all on some sort of game show. Much less credit is given to people brave enough to realize that they’ve made a mistake who go ahead and choose a new direction. The full post is not much longer, go and read it.


be optimistic

With small steps and by being optimistic you can pursue happiness, day by day, step by step. For some good inspiration see the below video or this post on the relation between creativity and happiness.


How to define Startup and Scaleup