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  • The Entrepreneurial Perspectives Manifesto

    The Entrepreneurial Perspectives Manifesto


    The last few years I created and contributed to a regional and in-company entrepreneurial ecosystem. This in turn slightly increased the speed of change in our world. I have seen firsthand how technological innovations, societal change and the spread of entrepreneurial methodologies create opportunities for every individual and organisation. Innovation and progress is the result…

  • Fun Friday – design your own emoji


    I could come up with a serious message on the importance of stories that are relatable to your users and the role of UX writing, tone of voice etc. But I’ll leave it at a fun activity for a Friday like today’s: designing your own emoji. Here is what I came up with today: Curious…

  • Ambition


    “Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine” Elvis Presley

  • Motivational Monday – A different perspective


    What better way to kick off the Motivational Monday series on this blog with this beautifully crafted video with a message to entrepreneurs with a different perspective. It is like they say: “relentless optimism is what moves the world forward”. Another week so keep seeing things differently! Broos

  • Future Friday: Photo realistic faces generated using AI


    As an entrepreneur or innovator it is not only fun but also highly relevant to stay on top of advancements in technology. They can impact your project or business in many ways, such as solve problems previously deemed unsolvable or create opportunities for new business models. That is why every Friday I will highlight an…

  • Do it


    “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” – Amelia Earhart The key factor to entrepreneurial success is execution. An idea is worthless without action so you have to execute on it. Thinking about starting a blog is easy, starting a blog is hard. You expose yourself so it takes courage. But…

  • Sabbatical update week 4

    Sabbatical update week 4


    Finding my rhythm After the struggle to be ‘productive’ during the last two weeks I’ve found my rhythm this week. Small tweaks in my daily routine brought the change I needed which was reinforced by inspiration. “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” – John C. Maxwell I had…

  • Plea to DO


    Who’s better suited to kick off the motivational Monday on my Blog than Gary Vaynerchuck. Great video to watch if you need a motivational push. Let’s get GOING!

  • Sabbatical update week 3

    Sabbatical update week 3


    The challenge continues In the previous update I already shared with you the challenges that come with having no urgent deadlines or brief shots of adrenaline after every email, phone call or meeting. This week I had even more trouble finding my productivity. A few days passed filled with procrastination while trying out things to…

  • Sabbatical update  week 2

    Sabbatical update week 2


    Smooth sailing in week 1 After extending my contract till the end of August and our (late) summer holiday was over it felt like my sabbatical really started last week. Everyone was back to work, except for me. I had a speaking engagement on Tuesday evening and still had to prepare part of it so…