Series A funding advice


When two of the VCs I’m following refer to a blogpost at the same time it must be a good read. It’s a post about raising a series A for a fintech startup eShares and it contains some valuable advice generally applicable to the fundraising process as well as a copy of the pitch deck. 

The investors who won’t invest will ask you why they should. The investors who will invest ask you why they shouldn’t.

If you don’t feel the excitement already before the meeting you’re likely not talking to your next investor. 

Unless you have business that fits in a spreadsheet, avoid investors who think you should.

European investors in general still have a higher tendency to ask for a financial forecast but if you’re truly talking to an early stage investor it shouldn’t matter. Have your numbers ready though, you better be prepared. 

Go read the full post here, it’s insightful. 

The two VCs are Fred Wilson and Brad Feld


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